Kyle James

journalist/writer/media development consultant


I have been a consultant / trainer at DW Akademie, Germany’s largest international media development organization, since 2008. Over that period, I have trained / consulted in the following countries: Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bhutan, India, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Macau, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Georgia, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Eritrea, Botswana, South Africa and Namibia.

Training Expertise:

  • Online / Multimedia journalism
  • Mobile journalism
  • Print journalism
  • Radio journalism
  • Media and information literacy (MIL)
  • Social media
  • News writing
  • Train the trainer
  • Political reporting
  • Reporting on women’s issues
  • Reporting on the environment
  • Reporting on disability

Consulting Projects

Community Radio in Myanmar — I co-led a project to establish the first community radio station in Myanmar (Khayae FM), set to launch in January 2018. This multi-stakeholder project involved close cooperation with groups ranging from a grassroots self-help organization to the Ministry of Communication, all in a country still finding its way after decades of dictatorship. These experiences have given me skills in balancing varied approaches and points of view while working toward a common goal, even when capacities and methods differ greatly. Further plans are to help other communities set up their own community radio stations and to work toward the establishment of a community radio network in Myanmar.

Khmer Rouge History Website for Youth ( — In Cambodia, I worked with the leading Khmer Rouge archive on an educational website aimed at youth, which is closely linked with an accompanying Facebook page. This multimedia site features text, historical videos, photos and audio from the era. The project involved close cooperation with the archive, the selection of appropriate material, and the presentation of information on a site that would be appealing to people between the ages of 14 and 26.

Women into Politics! — In Cambodia, I work with the country’s leading women-owned broadcaster (Women’s Media Centre) within the framework of an EU-funded project to encourage women to get involved in the political process and provide young people (especially women) information about commune and national elections on WMC’s various channels (radio, website, social media and video). Along with the WMC staff, we created a package of 12 information units related to elections and 12 on women’s issues raised in rural forums, then strategized about the best ways to present the information to WMC’s target audience.